Small Scale Renovation

Complete house renovation could be a hassle to certain people, beside needing to find alternative accommodation, the owner need to forge out bigger sum of money at one go. If renovating whole home is not you are considering, you may try renovating part of your house such as kitchen or bathroom only.

One may consider to change the floor tiles of kitchen and bathroom anti slip floor tiles to have better safety, especially for home who has elderly staying together. The wall tiles may also change to have a new impression to the house. Wear an tear of cabinet should change to new design and colour.

Laying a wood flooring to your living room and bedroom is also a very good idea. The wood floor looks elegant and class. On top of this, it is very economical, fast and easy to install, no hacking and cement involve, basically just using clips. Most of the HDB projects may complete within a day.

Design Alley had propose packages for kitchen and bathroom renovation.


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