Residential Renovation Contractor

Residential Renovation Contractor

Looking for a change in the atmosphere of your living quarters? Renovating your home is a big step in any homeowners’ life. That is why it is important to engage a reputable and honest renovation contractor that will help renovate your home within your budget.

As lifestyles and preferences change, you may be considering re-doing the look of your home. Today’s homeowners are gravitating toward homes that balance between premium design and innovative functionality. Consider integrating technology into furniture for example, or refurnishing your kitchen with modern appliances that help you save space.

There are many renovation contractor types, each with a different specialisation to suit different needs. Renovation contractors can for example, specialise in flooring, in windows or in wiring your home. These contractors must have the expertise to advise you on your renovation plans and execute them up to satisfactory safety and quality standards.

Invest time in looking for the right renovation contractor for your renovation project. In getting in contact with contractors, ask to view their portfolio and their past client list. Also consider going onto online forums and asking around for feedback and reviews. What you should look for in a contractor include experience, expertise and good attitude.

If you are looking to renovate a HDB living space, remember to keep in mind that HDB mandates you engage a contractor that is registered under the HDB Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme (RRCS). These contractors have undergone stringent licensing processes and are able to conduct renovation works without compromising on the structural integrity of your home.

Don’t know where to start looking? Consider DesignAlley’s team of renovation contractors. Our contractors are HDB licensed, and have both expertise and experience in clientele management and renovation. Trust us to work with you through every step of renovating your home. Feel free to browse through our past projects on our website, and contact us to see how we can collaborate in upgrading your home once you’re ready to start.

Please browse our website and take a look at our renovation packages.

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