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When looking to remodel your house, a plethora of thoughts come through your mind; costs, designs to consider and which home Renovation Company to visit for help. At first you go asking neighbors, friends and family who all may have solutions, but with lots of “I’ll find out and let you know.”

But since you spend all day tweeting and doing all sorts of whatever it is this next generation does online, suddenly it dawns on you, “why not Google it?”

Luckily or unluckily, Google (among other search engines) is well supplied with Home Renovation Companies all claiming to be the best service providers! What makes it worse, everyone looks like the icing of the cake, and at a first glance the HD pictures in their gallery will sweep you off your feet.

But how do you know who’s legit and who is fake? How do you distinguish professionals from “wanna-bes?” Here is a list of things to look for.

Good design

Though looks may be deceiving, always check for perfection. Remodeling companies rely on the looks of their websites to attract customers. Don’t be “wowed” on the first website you visit, you may navigate to the next only to realize that the preceding site was too old with out-dated designs.

Check their ‘about’ page

If the details provided by the website owners are less helpful, look old-school with nothing much to prove their competence in the industry, why not try the next website.

A name and address

While it’s amazing how many remodeling sites fail to focus on giving their business a ‘face,’ it’s even more surprising how a homeowner would fall for such a contracting company. No company name and no physical address straight away gives that wrong impression that we would rather go without saying.

Phone number and social media presence

These days living minus the two makes you an anti-social, and businesswise, they leave you as good as dead! So why go for someone who hasn’t reached out to you even through Facebook let alone leaving behind a phone number? Probably they aren’t interested in you contacting them.

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