Renovation Cost For 4 Room Flat

Renovation cost for 4 room flat would be affordable if plan properly. A 4-room HDB flat is a comfortable size for a small family, with 90 square metres of space, 3 bedrooms and a common living and dining area. With the right interior design and furniture, it is easy to make your 4-room flat spacious and even luxurious! Looking to transform your entire flat? DesignAlley has the solution just for you – a 4-Room HDB Renovation Package.

Why purchase a package? Purchasing a one-time price package saves you stress, time and money. For one, leave it to DesignAlley’s team of interior designers and contractors to do the conceptualisation of design, planning of space, down to the furniture selection and execution of the plans. With our experience and expertise, there is no need to fret over whether you have missed an important consideration factor.


Additionally, Design Alley’s all-rounder team of designers and HDB registered contractors have the capabilities to carry project through from start to end. This means you get to save time on shortlisting and screening lists of designers and contractors for every room or task you need done! More importantly, you can be assured on both quality and commitment of the team.

Lastly, engaging a team instead of multiple parties will help you save money in terms of engagement or consultation costs. Not to mention, DesignAlley is committed to helping you achieve your dream home well within your desired budget.

The renovation packages offered by DesignAlley cater to the different needs of different homeowners. There are three tiers of renovation packages offered, namely essential, elegance and deluxe, each with a different price. On top of that, you will have freedom and say in the design concept of the interior of your home.  

If you are looking to renovate just a part or a room in your 4-room HDB flat, we have some creative ideas for you here. Otherwise, feel free to browse through our vast portfolio, or get in touch if you have any enquiries. We look forward to working with you in achieving your dream home!

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