3 Room Flat Renovation Package

A 3-room HDB flat has about 60-65 square metres of floor space. While this may seem cramped for some, any 3-room flat can be perfect for a small family of up to four – the key lies in space planning and management.

Design Alley offers 3-room HDB renovation packages, for resale, BTO and current flats. These renovation packages come in three tiers: essential, elegance and deluxe. Each tier offers different amount of renovation work and a different price, so you can be sure to find a package that suits both your practical needs and desired budget.

Across all three package types, you will have an interior designer and a team of HDB-approved and qualified contractors who will work on your renovation project. Our team of interior designers and contractors are professional, experienced and are well-positioned to ensure renovation works are in line with HDB guidelines. This helps maintain the structural integrity of your flat (and helps you avoid the fine that comes with working with non-licensed contractors!).

The interior designer plays an essential role of planning both the space and the look of your home, with your preferences and expectations in mind. It is at this stage where you can decide on the design concept of your home, or if you would like for a room to be a gym or a study.

Once the plans are set and in line with how you envision your home to turn out, the interior designer will coordinate the contractors to get started with work, from flooring to electrical works, moving furniture and painting of the walls.

Looking to renovated your 3-room HDB flat? Look no further! Get in touch with Design Alley to get a quote or learn more about how your HDB flat can be renovated to achieve a home you can look forward to returning to.

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