Renovation Contractors

In a renovation projects, there are few parties that involved,

  1. Electrician
  2. Demolish
  3. Plumbing
  4. Walls and tiles
  5. Carpenter
  6. Painting
  7. Gate & doors, metal work
  8. Glass works
  9. Ceiling and partitions
  10. Others (wall paper, curtain … etc)

Unlike interior designer, who knows a bit each, these contractors are specialized in one task only and they are the actual person who carry out the jobs. Whereas the main contractors which mostly tasked by the interior designer for smaller scaler project, will be responsible in scheduling the task and monitoring the work quality. For bigger project, a few project manages need to be hired for coordination job.

And more importantly, do not forget about the documentations. You need to get approval from relevant departments before starting a renovation. On top of this, there are fire and safety approval. Failing which might get one into trouble as well as legal liability. The best suggestion is to engage a Licensed Contractor for the job.

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