HDB Interior Design

A lot of the people would have a perception that private houses like condominium would heave better interior design due to the layout or such because the developers spend more effort and money on it. This might be true in certain way because condominium developer needs to really beautiful interior to attract potential buyers. But HDB simply give blank walls to its owner. This is understand able due to the price different between the two properties.

However, HDB may also look as good as if not better than condominium if you are willing to spend money on the interior.We have seen many devastating HDB interior design projects that took our breath away. In fact, as most of the HDB is more spacious compare to condominium, it gives interior designer more space to play with and come up with some fantastic ideas. Another thing with the HDB interior design is the material cost, is the owner wiling to spend money on the higher grade materials and on custom made carpentry works instead of buying mass produce cupboards or such to fit into your home. The next question arise will be “how much is that?”.

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