HDB Home Renovation

We understand that renovating your HDB home can be a big and complicated decision. Be it just a change of flooring, an installation of an air-conditioning system or even a complete re-decoration of your kitchen, the costs are high and the changes are felt everyday of your life. Given this, how can you makeover your home to inspire you?

First, figure out your budget and what you would like to renovate. Knowing these will let help you with figuring out if you need an interior designer, one who manages the space and design of your living space, or a contractor, one who executes and works on your ideas.

Next, find a reputable interior designer or contractor. Renovating your home can be costly, and the effects felt in the long-term. Make sure you engage a team who has experience and expertise, are sincere in their efforts and uphold integrity in their work. As a tip, do your research— ask for their portfolio, their list of clients and go on forums to search for feedback or reviews on these contractors.

Do not forget to check that your contractor is licensed. HDB mandates all renovation contractors for HDB projects to be licensed under the Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme(RRCS). These licensed contractors have gone through the stringent licensing process and are able to complete renovation works without harming the structure of your HDB flat.

Lastly, work with your interior designer or contractors on visualising and confirming your renovation plans – you definitely do not want to be regretting your decision to renovate your home. Then, sit back and trust your interior designer or contractor to transform your home into one that is inspiring, functional and a true reflection of your personality.

Let Design Alley help you with your next big decision. Our team of expert interior designers and contractors will be able to walk with you at every stage of your home renovation, advising you on and executing renovation works well within your budget. And to help you with this, we offer our customers home renovation packages that was a good deal to our customers, to assist them with their budget. Our packages includes BTO Renovation Packages and Resale Flat Renovation Packages.

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