HDB Registered Contractor

HDB Registered Contractor

Ready to take the next step in upgrading your home? It is normal for homeowners to feel disoriented on how to go about, or even start with, renovating their homes. It is then important to engage a transparent and experienced renovation contractor who will be able to advise you on every decision in planning and finish up with a good-quality and safe execution.

Contractors can take on many roles in the renovation of your homes, from redo-ing floor tiles, window installations to rewiring your flat. How then, can you make sure your choice on contractor is right for your home?

If you are renovating a HDB home, take note to engage a HDB registered contractor. HDB contractors have passed set requirements and will be able to carry out renovation works safely and  in line with HDB regulations, without doing unnecessary damage to others’ or your flat.

As there is a stringent process to undergo to be a HDB registered contractor, know that many contractors will try to con you with lower prices or by borrowing other contractors’ licenses. Be sure to check the HDB list of registered contractors to avoid such scenarios, or face penalties such as a fine of up to $5000 amongst others.

Aside from this, also look toward asking around for recommendations and looking up forums for online reviews. Interview potential contractors, and ask for their portfolios and past client lists. This helps ensure that your contractors are credible and are able to deliver to your satisfaction.

Not sure where to start? DesignAlley hosts a team of experienced interior designers and HDB registered contractors that can cater to a wide range of renovation needs within your budgets. Look no further, contact DesignAlley today to learn more about how we can work together in upgrading your home.

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