Laminate Wood Floor

Vinyl Floor


Are you looking forward to working your floor too to ensure a complete home renovation this time round? Well, here is a collection of floor types based on materials used to assist you select a floor type that fits.

This collection features flooring beyond style, and many other considerations e.g. performance and your lifestyle. Find below a guide to all flooring and their benefits to help you choose among the seemingly long list. Solid wood, vinyl, laminate, vinyl or linoleum, which is the best choice for home interior design?

Floor Tiles

It is the most common flooring material in Singapore. Standard HDB comes with floor tiles. It is long lasting and has many material and pattern for consumer. However floor tiles are difficult to install as it required hacking of old tiles and cement.

Most of the floor tiles are slippery when wet, however some tiles do come with some anti slip design such as slit, snad blast .. etc.

Solid wood

Hardwood has a stylish rustic look, thanks to its appearance these days it is a first choice for many.

There’s nothing more natural than a home that’s well fitted with wood flooring. What’s more, they are just as long lasting as they actually look and require only a little bit of your care to remain alive as ever. And if you’re choosey, explore the different types of colors, finishes, colors, woods available. No homeowner can claim they found nothing that matches their needs.


Nowadays you can give your flooring the look and touch of exotic wood, or stone at a reasonable price.

With this type of flooring type, handy homeowners who love to DIY, will find the Lock & Fold laminate a easy to install.

For long lasting flooring that will withstand high-traffic and maintain the beauty of an active household, laminate is the best choice.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tile is also another good choice. What can be more amazing than having the floor of your home transformed into something better over a weekend? That’s how easy to install these vinyl tiles are. On top of that, they are cost-effective, durable, and require  little maintenance.

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