Complete Home Renovation

Renovating your residence can make you feel in a whole new place. It brings about a fresh experience and lifestyle. A complete home renovation, though at an extra cost, has benefits like increasing the value of your home by making you feel more comfortable. It can also increase the value of the house in case you want to sell it.

For a successful home improvement renovation, below are the things that you must consider;

Design and plan

Visualize your ideas and requirements by showing examples or put into a draft sketch. This will help your interior designer to understand your requirements better.

Budgeting and be financially ready before starting the project. You may consider renovation loan if necessary, it is available in major consumer banks in Singapore with a rather low interest rate.

Demolition And Extra walls

Regardless HDB or private properties, all demolition works and extra construction require approval from few governments sectors for its safety concern. Do submit for approval early as it might be rejected and required modified and resubmit. It takes times.

Plumbing and Electrical wiring

Plumbing and electrical wiring are advise to change to whole brand new sets. For old plumbing, it tends to leak or have strange sound after it has been used for long. For electrical wiring, it is advised to change to a new set for safety concern as the insulator used will be harden and easier to break after long. As most of the time repairing of this needs some hacking, hence it is advise to change to whole new set during complete home renovation.

Alternative Accommodation During Renovating

If the property of renovation is an stay-in property, you might need to find an alternative accommodation during this period, rent a house is an option to consider. Need to factor in this into your budget.

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